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June 15, 2005
I'll be back in two or three weeks.

Hiatus. You know the deal.

Look after yourselves...

And each other.

June 08, 2005
I watch Big Brother. Is this still not cool?

June 02, 2005
This is a bad meme-ory.

Memes. You know I love them. You know I love you. I've been passed two!

Watch as I try to mix two memes together, and finish with some hard political commentary. It'll make me feel better about blogging when I should be doing short answer questions on 'Political Parties and Pressure Groups'. Der.

Song playing right now: Headphones - Bjork.

Total number of books I've owned: Excuse me, let me refer to the relevant documentation. Last count occured on the 26th, which was a full inventory, but I was unable to aggregate the requisite disenfrabulation from the past 17 years of living. So I'll say that at the moment there are about 65 books on my book shelf. And yes, I got up and counted. Such is my dedication to this meme.

Five Songs That I Listen To A Lot [subject to change every day]:

1) Sil Lum Tao - Detroit Escalator Company
. Because it's melancholy downtempo.
2) Solar Plexus - Solar Plexus. Because they named the song after themselves.
3) Cygmund... Vismund Cygnus - The Mars Volta. Because it's long and has the best of everything.
4) Cores - Da Lata. Brazilian singer with percussion and a string quartet. I'm into that shit.
5) Everything In Its Right Place - Radiohead. I have no problem with repitition. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

The Last Book I Bought: Does Rolling Stone Magazine count? I guess not. I think it was the 10th book in Robert Jordan's 'Wheel of Time' series. I've read the first one, I didn't like it much, and have no intention of reading the other 8, but if you find a book like that, you buy it. If it costs 50c, that is.

The Last Book I Read: Nowhere in the previous statement does it say 'from start to finish'. I read about 3/4 of Simone Du Bovouir's 'Memoirs of a Dutiful Daughter', because it was recommended to me by the feminist librarian. It was really self-indulgent and nobody died.

5 Books That Mean A Lot To Me:

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy, J.R.R. Tolkien
- which is really three books, but whatevs. Because it made me want to be a writer. Hopefully not a writer of dodgy fantasy.

High Society, Ben Elton - I don't find Ben Elton very funny. But I do find him a bloody excellent writer, and like him best when he's being dead serious.

Wild Swans, Jung Chang - In my 'Chinese Communist Revolution' reading phase, I read a lot of books about women growing up in Communist China. And this is not only the best book on that subject, but one of my favourite books in general.

Carrie, Stephen King - Alongside the 'Chinese Communist Revolution' reading phase was the 'Anything By Stephen King' phase. Carrie, I think, is my favourite Stephen King book, though I ate up 'On Writing', it's not really fiction.

Magician, Raymond E. Fiest - This came somewhere in the top 20 of Australia's favourite books. I like the fantasy genre, but don't actually like many books in the genre. Does that make sense? It's fantastic when it's done well. Magician is a perfect example of that.

That's the official end of both memes. But I'd also like to add a new, extra special entry:

The Lady of the Sorrows - Cecilia Dart-Thornton.
Handsome king falls in love with main character when she is a facially deformed mute. Main character receives medieval magical corrective surgery and becomes a hott babe. 90% of content in this 'original' fantasy world stolen from Celtic & Scottish folklore - directly. There was also a massive gaping hole in the plot.

But there are lots of bad books like this. It's special, because it was the first book I didn't read from start to finish. Since then, rarely do I finish a book. It's cursed. Cursed. Can we all send hatemail Cecilia Dart-Thornton now?

Thanks to Rob Corr and Jelly for taking pity on my lack of meme.

Political Commentary, as Promised!

Funny how someone who sends bacteria from the anthrax family to the Indonesian embassy is not labelled a terrorist, when what he or she is doing is a terrorist act.

Terrorism is not always linked to Islamic fundamentalism, but the media, and many among us, can't seem to see things any other way.

June 01, 2005
Anyone have some luck to spare?

I left my handbag in the park. Can you see where this is heading?

Take 1 happy Le Driver.
Subtract 1 iPod. $400.
Subtract 1 Mobile Phone. $295.
Subtract 1 Wallet. Bank Card + Concession Card. About 5$ cash.
Subtract 1 pair headphones. $37.
Subtract 1 handbag. $34.

= 1 Sad (and poor) Le Driver.

The home phone has been broken since friday. Everyone is sick. A woman fell down and had to call an ambulance outside work today. Is it megalomanic to think I'm shrouded in an aura of bad luck, that affects me, and those around me? I like to imagine the aura is a wreath of dark mist. Do you?

And yes, the security cameras are as much (possibly more so) for the employees as they are for actual security. A work mate asked the boss jokingly if she'd watched us yet, and the deadpan reply was: "I haven't had time yet." Today, a girl at work stood beneath an overhang and asked "Do you think the cameras can see me here?". Another girl asked me: "Will they be able to watch us eat?". You probably can't understand how eerie it was without seeing the fearful, wide-eyed looked on their faces.

I think security cameras should be used to protect, not supervise. It's all a little too Panopticon for me...