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In General

I always find it disappointing to load up a blog that I read regularly to find the same post staring at me each time. I check back once every day. Once every few days. Once every week. Then I forget for a while. I feel that you must be at that stage with this blog. So, if you're reading this now, I'm glad you decided to check back.

I have to get an ENTER of approximately 94 to do the course I want to do. I'm not sure how well I have to perform to get this, so I've been feeling bad every time I don't get an A+. I've been getting quite a lot of A's lately. I'm not unhappy because I feel like I should get A+'s all time time - god, A's are good marks. I just want to do that damn course, and I don't know what kind of class results get you a 94 ENTER. A+'s all the time, or what? Let's hope there's room for a few A's.

So, essentially I'm freaking out about school. I've been finding distractions to prevent me from doing homework, and most relevant to you, from blogging. I've decided I'm not going to do that Corporate Social Responsibility essay. There's not enough time. I guess I could just do some honest work to earn that $2000... Fat chance.

There's a novella writing competition that comes up in November I can enter. The prize is $3000 bucks (see how much I like the idea of winning money?). Last year I was thinking about entering. I got a few thousand words in. Here is the first section:


She could see Rob and some other guy she’d never met hanging around the stairwell. He was sprawled across a few steps smoking something and the other guy was leaning against the wall and yapping at a joke Rob had said, but she didn’t remember Rob as being funny. He was dead serious.

Guys like that made her nervous. She never had any idea what kind of stuff they’d been up to that morning, or the night before, or who’d they’d done deals with. She shoved her hands deeper into her trouser pockets and picked up the pace, and the smears and stains of graffiti on the walls began to pass at a slow blur until she approached the stair-well and came to a halt.

Rob turned towards her and pulled at his messy cigarette. “You lost?”

“I hope not, mate. I’ve bought from you before, don’t know if you remember.”

Rob shook his head and put the cigarette back to his lips so it hung there. “Doesn’t really matter if I remember you. What are you after?”


He started picking around the inside of his puffy jacket and cigarette ash toppled down his front. “Thirty-dollars a cap. This is new stuff from Asia.”

Rob produced a little zip-lock bag and pulled himself up off the stairs. His friend followed him over.

“What’s your name?” said Rob.


“Right, ‘Viv’, a cap will be thirty bucks.” He said the name as if he thought it was a joke.

“Can you tell me anything else about it? I’ve been using that twenty-five dollar stuff…”

“It’s not too strong.” Rob held the bag up to the sun-light. The heroin was a pinky-brown. “Just right for you, Viv. It’s good stuff, trust me.”

Viv shelled out thirty-dollars and placed the bag in the pocket that had been warm with money. “Ten ‘til eleven at night, still?”

“Yeah, same deal. Sunday is my day off. Go out and get more smack to sell.”

Rob’s company thought this was hilarious. His face screwed up and he laughed like a seal.

Viv shoved her hands back in her pockets and ran her fingers over the plastic. “Yeah, well, if this is good as you say it is, I’ll come back tomorrow.”

“Seeya tomorrow then.” Rob pulled in on his cigarette and turned back to the stairwell. His friend followed, and Viv walked back out past all the graffiti and grime and into the startling night.

I'll post another bit next time, unless I get insulted by several hundred people. I need an idea for what to write this year. Please comment with ideas so I can plagiarise you.

Also, Pat in my english class got hit by a truck on friday night and died on saturday. I didn't know him well but I still felt sad about it and a bit numb when I heard. Not many people knew who he was, and had to have him pointed out in the year 12 group photo, which is on the wall in the foyer. There will be lots of fingerprints around his face now.
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